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Qwerty is a small design studio in Iceland that takes on digital design projects and visual branding, whether it is prototyping an online system or visualizing a single marketable product.

We have designed and overseen development for various digital products and designed consumer packaging and visual branding for products such as Soft Drinks, Liqueur, Food, Cosmetics, and more.

Before any design process starts we collect data that serves as the foundation on which we build our theories. We do this through interviews and/or tasks we assign to a specific target group or userbase. Similarly, we offer services to research and find suitable names for products or companies.

We know the importance of design and branding in terms of sales, growth, and building consumer trust. Consistency is one of the key factors in any successful product and the process needs to be disciplined whether it is building a brand or developing software.

Qwerty is operated by RĂ³bert Einars, Creative Art Director. He has extensive experience in UI and UX Design as well as Branding and Packaging Design.