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Snarrótin – Association for Harm Reduction and Human Rights is a non-profit association of enthusiasts for open society, human rights, freedom of information, harm reduction, and new drug policy methods. Its domicile and venue are in Reykjavík. The company’s goal is to open up and strengthen critical discussions to empower marginalized individuals. The association bases its methods on proven methods and intends to achieve its goals through education, information dissemination, and collaboration with other human rights organizations. The association is independent of political parties and stakeholders.


The well-dressed man in the newspaper spread is a very controversial former CEO turned politician, he is now serving as the Minister of Finance. He and a few of his fellow politicians need to move more quickly and make changes for Iceland to heal from one of its largest societal problems: addiction and marginalized individuals dealing with trauma after repeated violence or a battle with mental illness.


The headline could be translated to “Have the conversation” and the text and imagery focus on having an open conversation with our most vulnerable group of people and help them to get to the roots of their problem. The call to action at the end asks people to show this group of marginalized individuals compassion and understanding and goes on to state that decriminalization of drugs for individuals own consumption is a step in the right direction, thus the foot of the politician in the ad goes over the spreads spine into the space of the marginalized individual. Behind the politician is a small syringe signifying that trauma and addiction affect us all somehow.


The photographers that made this production possible and gave their work to assist Snarrótin with its great cause are Siggeir Magnús Hafsteinsson (sigvicious.com) and Einar Ingi Sigmundsson (AcerThings).


Thanks also go out to our models who wish to be anonymous and all the good people at Snarrótin that were willing to go all the way.