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Myrká Whisky
Myrká Whisky

Myrká Whisky is double distilled in old-fashion still pots and aged 12 Years in oak barrels. Perfected with pure Icelandic water. It is a top shelve whisky and a unique experience. Myrká’s start is discrete, then develops candied fruit aromas (raisin, plum, apricot) with a sweet scent of bourbon vanilla. Its taste has a slick attack, silky and smooth.

Qwerty was commissioned to find a name, and design the look and feel of the product. The name Myrká came out on top which is a reference to a famous Icelandic folk tale called the Deacon of Dark River. The design references the story in many ways and there were no compromises in regards to the paper quality, gold foliage, embossment, or the glass which is super white flint.

The tale about The Deacon of Dark River is very well known and popular in Iceland because ghost tales and ghost stories are very popular among the Icelandic people. The story takes place in the north of Iceland, and like most folktales, its origins and author are unknown. It is notable that when the deceased deacon picks up Guðrún for Christmas Eve, he keeps calling her Garún. This is because the first part of the name Guðrún — “ Guð “ — is the Icelandic word for God, and in Icelandic legend, ghosts can’t say the words, God or angel.