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Reykjafell UI/UX Design

Reykjafell is one of the leading supplier of electrical products for the professional market in Iceland and the leading online store in the sector. Qwerty was commissioned to design a prototype for a new online store and oversee project management during development. The wizards at Kodo developed the whole system.

Together we set out to make an online store that would benefit our users and save both them and our client, time and money. A great user experience, reliability, and performance were among the key objectives, as well as implementing an integrator that continuously updates the information about stock availability in the warehouse. This gives the customer a perfect overview of what items are available at any given minute.

Together Kodo and Qwerty totally revamped the Reykjafell website and online store, along with the customer system (My Pages) for their clients. By leveraging Prismic, a headless CMS, it was made easy for their content editors to create beautiful, rich marketing pages that seamlessly incorporate their range of products. Modern-day conditions demand a scalable web, especially since a large portion of the busy electrical client base has to rely on their mobile phones or tablets to search and order directly.